tattoo by: chad lenjer

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*40 oz for breakfast*

my really cute friends are at new yorks alright


ah yes, my ride is here.

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Longest love affair of my life.


Cats Hate Cops, a photocopied booklet by the group New York Year Zero. I was really happy to meet a couple of these folks at the New York Art Book Fair. All of their booklets are sharp, but this one - which compiles old newspaper entries on cats attacking police officers - is particularly enjoyable. More scans to follow.

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This is my “cool” friend

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om g

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If a pregnant woman announced that she also had fingernails, would you start caring about her rights, too?

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Turn on the app If you feel unsafe hold your finger on the screen. Once arrived to a safe location, enter your code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code law enforcement is notified and your location is tracked through your phone.

Honestly this is worth the $1.99, also if you are a nice person you can buy it for someone you feel would benefit from having this app and gift it to them [X]